What is Human Leather?

Human leather is made from real full thickness human skin.  Just like animal leather products, produced from lesser animals, our raw human skin is transformed into the finest grade human leather by using a traditional tanning process.  However, human leather is the finest grain leather that is obtainable. 

It is free from defects and has the smallest grain size which makes it the smoothest, softest leather on Earth.


Where does it come from?

Human leather is produced from skin sourced from normal everyday people.  These people have bequeathed their skin to us prior to their death.  There are a few areas of the body, (back and abdomen) that have uninterrupted skin coverage, and are therefore the best for processing into human leather.


Is this illegal?

Not at all.  However, this is an expensive business, as the raw material is not cheap to produce or process, plus their is official hindrance along the way.  We value our donors and we reward their beneficiaries and next of kin very handsomely.  In fact, we have had to turn away some potential donors, as we can accept only the highest quality human skin.  We can not give you the source of our raw product, we apologise.


Why are your products so expensive?

We cater to a small but highly discerning clientele.  They are amongst those lucky few who have everything they could possibly desire.  Our supply is restricted and we prefer to keep it that way as we are the only firm in the world that crafts these special products.


Do you have any products for demonstration?

We deal with a raw material that is very precious and hence quite difficult to acquire.  Also, since our clients have varied tastes, we only start production after receiving an order.  Therefore, we may not have a physical product to show at all times. 

Some of our clients also have explicitly stated that they do not want the item that we create for them to be advertised in any way, as they would like to remain anonymous.


Do you have any photographs of the finished articles?

We have no need to take any pictures of any of the hand-finished articles.  In fact, our clients generally like to maintain their privacy and therefore, just like the interiors of super-yachts, our creations are for our clients' eyes only, we apologise for this.  We are considering taking a picture of an article that will never be for sale and we will publish that later this year.


What is the delivery time?

We endeavour to go from initial order to finished product as quickly as possible.  However, this time-limit is dependant on many factors, and thus is open to amendment.  There are times when we are sourcing the optimum leather and there may be a slight delay in such cases.  There have been times when we have had multiple orders at the same time and in this case we must work on a first come first served basis, when working through the waiting list.


What is the waiting list?

We cannot divulge what the waiting list is, at any particular point in time.  Suffice to say, we make a limited number of products, due to the sensitive nature of the business and raw material.

We have also imposed a quota on ourselves and once that is reached, we cease production for the year.  We apologise, we cannot divulge this figure.


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